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Fishnet Stockings

Fishnet Stockings 

For women, Fishnet Stockings, footless tights and sexy stockings in every form have always meant more than a style statement. Ask a lady as to why she wears those stylish stockings? Most of them would vouch for the comfort levels they get wearing them.

Over the years, there has been an on again, off again love affair with Fishnet Stockings. At times, fishnets have been considered to make a statement that most women don't want to make and therefore were only worn at night clubs or in the bedroom. Well things have changed once again and fishnets are back on the scene. Women are even wearing them in office settings, especially in companies that are involved in advertising, media, and arts. However, it is still frowned upon at power meetings, banks, industrial and consulting companies where the dress code is more controlled.

A question that is often pondered is why women would forgo such feminine items as Fishnet Stockings and sexy apparel for more manly clothing. It seems that women are being forced, although not visibly to look like men in order to compete for fame and power in the working world. It’s sad to say that most women who choose femininity over their careers have suffered tremendously. Is it because they are not like everyone else in the boardroom and are not taken seriously by their male colleagues?

Fishnet StockingsIn the olden days, Fishnet Stockings were restricted only to be used by prostitutes. The thought of it being worn by respectable women was shocking for the society. Fishnet Stockings were controversial, as they are termed too bold. And because of this, women were not comfortable wearing them other than for wild parties or in intimate situations. The other concept was that women who used to wear Fishnet Stockings were never taken seriously. Until society was ready to accept them as fashionable apparel, it was better to wear them at wild parties or during romantic moments to bring in the element of excitement and tease.

But now the trends all over the world have changed. Society has finally accepted them as everyday wear attire in advertising, the media, and arts agencies. It is still not acceptable for power meetings and places like banks, consultancies and law firms where the custom of conservative dressing still prevails. The new trends have even paved a way for new colors of Fishnet Stockings. The new colors introduced by leading designers are magenta, pink and red. But even after the preamble of new colors, black still remains the hot favorite.

The famous designer Anne Evens says, “I enjoy the comfort, the attraction and the sensation I get when I wear them. Every now and then, I’ll wear my fish Fishnet Stockings with my dresses if I am going to party. My friends like what they see, including the men”.

Fishnet Stockings seem to portray females as having been “caught in the net”. They accentuate the curvature of the legs. Fishnet Stockings  have got the ability to spice up any outfit.

Have you ever really thought about why nylon Fishnet Stockings are called "fishnet stockings"? That's because that is precisely what they feel like when you wear them. They feel very holey and this makes a lady feel very 'unholy' to the point of absolute naughtiness.

Certainly, Fishnet Stockings are not the most comfortable of garments to wear but they sure make a lady feel sexy. They are just downright cold to wear on a breezy day but they could encourage someone to provide a lady with a heap of warmth!

Fishnet StockingsBut Fishnet Stockings  also stretch out of shape too quickly too simply because there is not enough fabric between the holes to keep them firmly in place over a couple of washings. So if you decide to invest in a pair, please be aware that they aren't designed to last forever.

Too many knee-bends when kneeling down will tend to make most brands sag. And saggy Fishnet Stockings really don't look too sexy.
That probably only applies anyway on the assumption that you have managed to stop them from being torn on the first wearing. Fine, flimsy, silky material is very hard to keep intact at the best of times and even harder to do so in the heat of the moment, so to speak.
To care for Fishnet Stockings between wearing them needs a bit of extra care. They need to be laundered by gently hand washing in a very mild detergent and rinsed extremely well taking great care not to stretch them in anyway. Fishnet Stockings  will stretch out of shape very quickly if pulled too hard in any direction. Dry them in a well-ventilated area by allowing them to drip-dry.

If storing in a drawer between usages, roll the stockings gently into a ball and place in a linen bag with a lavender sachet. There are so many types of Fishnet Stockings available ranging from lace hold ups to fishnet but there is nothing sexier than fully fashioned and seamed Fishnet Stockings held up with a metal clasp suspender belt. So many women now don't wear these stunning silky Fishnet Stockings  so I am making it my aim to bring them back. There is nothing better than seeing the most beautiful women who love to tease wearing their Fishnet Stockings and nylons.

The most common color for fishnets is still black. However, some more daring women have tried out other colors, but only in night club and bedroom settings rather than in the work place. Fishnet Stockings

Putting on Fishnet Stockings takes a bit of practice. It is really true that getting your seams straight is key. Dressed for a evening out, I'm sure to draw attention in my seamed Fishnet Stockings and low cut dress. And the red versions make me feel so feminine, Not to mention red is the colour of passion, being the centre of attention is my dream and when I am out I need to be the one person in a room people are talking about.

Fishnet Stockings, fishnet thigh highs and micro-net are fashions in the stockings' market. Generally, nets provide airy comfort to the legs. In addition, a unique type of remedy like beading and ruffling, the international trend for leg-wear, includes some shoe treatments into leg-wear like gel bottoms to offer socks more of an athletic appeal. Attractive floral designs are ample in ladies' leg-wear.  


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